How big of a competition can the new Kelly Ranch Golf Club expect in Fort Worth?

By: December 18, 2023

I was intrigued by the Kelly Ranch Golf Club development project’s $100 million price tag. The project’s scale and scope have piqued my interest, and I would like to learn more about it.

Fortunately, I was able to secure an interview with David Matheson, a Partner at Escalante Golf, providing us with an exclusive opportunity to take an in-depth look behind the scenes of this project.

What is the current size of demand for a new private golf club in Texas?

All the major private clubs in Fort Worth have a waitlist for new members.  Some of the waitlists are several years long. We are in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and have an underserved market for high-end private golf clubs.

Fort Worth is home to some incredible clubs and has a rich golf history that few can match.  We are home to Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, and the longest-running site on the PGA Tour (Colonial Country Club)

One of the differentiators for Kelly Ranch Golf Club is that it will be a pure golf club.  We did not want to compete with the traditional country club model with all the amenities on top of each other. 

At Kelly Ranch Golf Club, the golf experience will be free from other distractions other than the shot in front of you.

One of the key drivers for us was the opportunity to create a club from the ground up and build a winning culture with our members.  We want Kelly Ranch to be welcoming to our members and guests and create a special experience for everyone.

Kelly Ranch Golf Club Tripp Davis_Kyle Downs_7th Hole

What is Kelly Ranch Golf Club‘s customer experience strategy?

We want our members and guests to know they are someplace very special.  The golf experience is paramount, but how they are treated is just as important

This begins as they pass through the gates and arrive at the club.  The look and feel of the clubhouse, how they are treated upon arrival, and how they are welcomed in the pro shop have to be carefully executed.

We have some special touches planned for our members and their guests.  Our goal for anyone who visits Kelly Ranch is for them to know they experienced an incredible golf course, but more importantly, there was a genuineness to how well they were treated by everyone at the club.

Why was Tripp Davis selected for the golf course design task?

Tripp’s accolades by his fellow golf course architects speak for themselves.  We have known Tripp for many years and have had the privilege of not only watching his career take off but also being a part of it. 

Kelly Ranch Golf Club construction Hole 2

His work at some very well-known clubs, including Preston Trail, Oak Tree National, and Atlanta Athletic Club, has been well-documented and received rave reviews.

We selected Tripp as the architect of Kelly Ranch because he is extremely good at his job, and we inherently trust him to deliver an incredible product.  Tripp designed courses from a player’s perspective.  He understands golf and designs courses to be enjoyed, whatever your skill level is.

We have personally worked with Tripp on several projects, including The International just outside of Boston, Sonoma Golf Club in the heart of wine country, and Pursell Farms in Alabama.  We are very excited to see what he creates at Kelly Ranch Golf Club.

What unique service will you provide to club members?

We have to save some surprises for our members!  Without divulging too much, we have some ideas that exceed the typical club experience.