What are the 7 sustainability commitments of the Wycombe Heights Golf Centre?

By: January 19, 2024

In 2024, the discourse surrounding sustainability is witnessing an upsurge in the recognition of the significance of biodiversity and nature-positivity.

Consequently, golf clubs are expected to establish nature-related targets and publicly disclose the progress made in this area.

It is imperative for golf clubs to recognize the need to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations and to ensure that their actions align with sustainable development goals.

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre golf course

By setting nature-related goals and reporting their progress, golf clubs can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship while contributing to the collective effort toward achieving sustainability.

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre‘s seven fundamental aspects align perfectly with this aspiration. Let’s see what it’s all about!

The club has committed to seven fundamental aspects that will be implemented throughout and around the facility. These are:

  • planning, policies, and procurement,
  • staff and golfer engagement,
  • taking climate action,
  • conserving resources,
  • fostering nature,
  • strengthening communities and
  • tracking and reporting.
Wycombe Heights Golf Centre air view

Some of the key initiatives that are underway have already begun to have a positive impact.

A switch to an electric greens mower has allowed the club to substitute diesel for zero-carbon electricity as the energy source, eradicate the use of hydraulic fluid, which is harmful to local habitats, and reduce noise, which is positive for both neighbors and operations.

Eventually, the club plans to run an entirely electric fleet.

Furthermore, the transition to an off-site renewable energy supply has helped reduce club emissions by over 51 tCO2e per year, a reduction equivalent to flying 15 times from London to Hong Kong and 150,000 km by car.

The most recent initiative has been the construction of a 12,000-metre cubed reservoir to enable the club to irrigate the course using a sustainable water source.

Thanks to the investment, 100% of the water used on-site is derived from sustainable sources. This has also allowed the club to avoid supply and demand issues in drier periods.

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre Electric-mower

The Burhill Group’s achievements are truly impressive. Their dedication to sustainability, as evidenced by their GEO Certified status in 2016, is reflected in all their initiatives and results.

With a total of 22 golf courses spread across 10 venues, they have set an inspiring example for all of us.