How did Bluewater save 350K+ plastic bottles at Volvo China Open?

By: May 8, 2024

In 2021, the Swedish Bluewater made an incredible impact by enabling the AIG Women’s Open to avoid using 123,000 single-use plastic bottles.

At the 2024 Volvo China Open at the Hidden Grace Golf Club (Shenzen), Bluewater technology helped save over 350,000 half-liter single-use bottles.

More than 21 advanced water stations were recently installed at the golf course.

2024 Volvo China Open Bluewater

Bluewater hydration stations were located at key locations around the golf course, including on tees, in catering, training, and VIP areas.

These stations dispensed over 175,000 liters of purified and mineralized drinking water. It was free of all contaminants, ranging from toxic chemicals to viruses, and had a warranty.

Filling a water bottle Bluewater station 2024 Volvo China Open

The City of Paris recently implemented a progressive measure to promote sustainability. It prohibited the use of single-use plastic during the 2024 Olympic Games.

Similarly, the New York City Council has enacted legislation mandating sports stadiums and arenas permit attendees to bring refillable beverage containers to events.

These initiatives represent a significant commitment to reducing waste and promoting environmental stewardship in high-traffic public spaces.

The Lawn Tennis Association has forged a strategic partnership with BRITA, with the aim of effectively eradicating the use of single-use plastic water bottles at all major events hosted by the LTA this year.

The collaboration is novel and serves as an innovative move towards sustainable environmental practices.

Let’s collaborate to find innovative solutions that can help reduce the use of single-use plastic during golf events. Share your creative ideas in the comments, and let’s make a positive impact on the environment!

Bluewater water dispenser at Volvo China Open