What improvements would you make to the Old Course at Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura?

By: July 10, 2024

The Old Course at Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura is probably the most popular of the Dom Pedro Golf venues. During these months, the golf club undergoes an extensive renovation.

In 2018, when I spoke at the Share Algarve conference, I could see that the golf course and clubhouse needed some renovation, rejuvenation, and transformation.

In 2019, Dom Pedro Golf installed an innovative new water management system that is 23% more energy efficient. They’re using an advanced diagnostic tool called POGO.

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 1 resized

The desire for sustainable golf courses is not new at the Old Course of Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura.

They set the following sustainability goals:

  • to optimize water consumption,
  • ensure effective nature conservation on all five golf courses,
  • minimize fuel and waste management,
  • keep noise pollution low for those near,
  • optimize electric power consumption and chemical usage,
  • monitor the quality of water.

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura – Old Course – transformation

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura

is undertaking an extensive renovation of the iconic Old Course to cement its place among the best courses in Europe.

The second oldest course in the Algarve has undergone a fundamental and sustainable series of updates over the last few months, with a new state-of-the-art clubhouse set to open in November.

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 11 resized

The new clubhouse will include upgrades to the entrance, golf shop, living room, restaurant, bar, and terrace area, giving it a classic and elegant look and feel that complements the course’s overall legacy.

The renovations will transform the Old Course into a premium gated club with an elevated experience, offering personalized service, VIP concierge, and world-class playing conditions.

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura has incorporated various on-course improvements into one of the Algarve’s most renowned layouts.

Several key initiatives will be introduced, such as

  • new sprinkler systems,
  • water-resistant grass varieties to reduce water consumption, hydropressor stations to reduce energy consumption, and
  • new 100% electric machinery.
Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 4 resized

All on-course developments are due to be completed by the end of August.

  • Greens and fairways will all receive careful maintenance;
  • Bunkers will be sharpened with new sand, lips, and slopes, and
  • Bermuda grass will be planted in the tee boxes, its roots sanitized and leveled, and some occasionally reoriented, making the tees environmentally sustainable and of premium quality.

The overall appearance of the course will be more defined between the grassed play areas and the iconic pine tree landscape.

This will significantly impact appearance and quality, with the fairways receiving more sunlight.

Off the course and away from the clubhouse, there will be requalification to the driving range and additions of the most modern technology, enabling various training sessions and experiences, catering for all golfers.