Golf loyalty card programs – how it works

By: October 19, 2009

Slowly golf season is getting to the end for 2009. It is time to plan our new year's strategy. In my previous post I wrote about co-branded golf cards as a possible path to generate repeated purchase, increase frequency of purchase and last, but not  least strengthen the bond between golf players and golf course(s).

To see how generous can be a golf loyalty card, I checked Troon Golf Card. I found that it moves between 30% to 50%. Troon says depends on the card type, you can bring guests with you. Here I miss one great opportunity to motivate card holders to recruit new, non-member golf players to the loyalty program. I have not intention to reinvent the wheel, but this is a typical "member-get-member" situation. And whose opinion is more reliable than our buddies. 

In case your golf course is not managed by Troon Golf, you can also even think about how to develop your own loyalty program or cooperate with other golf courses to increase traffic and revenues.