US golf courses’ revenues are sharply falling in 2009

By: December 10, 2009

As it was expected golf courses' revenues declined significantly not just because of the economic climate, but also the stubborn attitude of golf course owners and managers. These golf course managers should understand that as a result of macroeconomic forces they must locate new opportunities for growth and increase productivity (e.g. new payment models, second-hand balls, co-branded cards, affiliate program, artificial truffgrass, up-to-date irrigation system etc.). John Kotter says in his book, Leading Change, that managers, leaders will not make changes until they feel urgency to do so. I hope the figures of US PGA will motivate them to start thinking about changes:

Golf Course Revenues_2008_2009

These changes not necessarily should come overnight or to be big, rather systematic. I would say we should create short term, tangible wins.