Ryder Cup results on your mobile

By: January 10, 2010

I am getting more excited as the next Ryder Cup is getting closer (1st – 3rd October 2010) and this time I am really because it will held in Wales in Celtic Manor Resort. I hope my boss let me go on vacation in those days. I am also preparing to a worse case scenario. So I looked for some kind of mobile solution to be able to follow up the Cup. But first let's see what is going on in the mobile applications' market:

The market for mobile applications hasn't reached mainstream adoption just yet, but is poised to hit the $9 billion mark by 2011; device makers, service providers, and software vendors all may contribute. The market, which is expected to reach $3.8 billion this year, is set for double-digit annual uptake into 2011; the company predicts that U.S. annual growth rates for mobile apps will stretch from 20 percent to 37 percent from 2006 to 2011.

Those who would think that a mobile application is merely a new gadget or hype they are wrong. We should think about mobile application beyond as an individual results tracking solution and tournaments' results (e.g. eGolfScore.com, iGolfSystem.com, thecaddie.com), but also to extend relationship with golf course members (e.g. tee time booking). It can bring new color in golf course member communication. It is a way to engage golf course members and give more control over tee time booking management, membership renewal/subscription. This can be very attractive for private golf courses where discretion is crucial.