Belton Woods Golf Club is struggling on Facebook

By: July 5, 2010

Last weekend I read about a very bold and brave action of De Vere Hotels, Resorts & Venues (owner of Belton Woods Golf Club) by coming up with a flexible golf club membership model to stop the declining number of golf club membership. The essence of this model (the name of this model is The De Vere Club) is the following:

a golf player can join for ₤295 and then use the points purchased to enjoy 16 different De Vere golf courses at 11 venues. The points can be topped up at any time.A round will cost 6-7 points on average, so that’s plenty of golf covered by your golf club membership. To connect more people (I guess this is their motive) they created 4 months ago a brand page on Facebook for Belton Woods Golf Club.

To create a brand page or fan page on Facebook is not a big thing, rather what kind of content you provide to your "fans". And here I find many mistakes:

  • no connection between Belton Woods brand page to De Vere official website
  • missing important TABs like: Video/YouTube, Flickr, discussion, Reviews, Twitter. Just help those would like to make revenues from similar brand page:;;
  • introduction is lacking about the golf course (ownership, whether I can use De Vere golf club membership card or not etc.)

A less high-class golf course, Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course made a better brand page on Facebook, by adding "reservation TAB, review and video TABs.