Golf participation in Europe 2010

By: November 25, 2010

Those who are familiar with the golf industry they know that KPMG prepares from year to year a survey about golf course development and golf participation trends. 2010 is not an exception. 😉 Since the last decade of the 20th century the pace of golf course building and participation is much slower that worsen in the past five years. Last year there was in fact a 4% decrease in the number of golfers in Europe's largest golf market: UK&Ireland.

KPMG tries to keep up the illusion that it is still lucrative to invest in golf industry. He does not mention the current economic climate that recently hit Ireland. Ireland is now asking for EU financial help, just like Greece, Spain and Portugal. You can imagine what will be next year when you try to play in Spain and Portugal…prices will reach the sky and people will abandon this lovely sport.

KPMG also forget to mention other curcial factors that I mention in my previous post, namely golf course owners' lack of relevant management knowledge and education.

Two other interesting facts from this survey: in Germany is the highest ratio of female golf players. In Turkey is the highest ratio of junior golfers.