How Groupon can increase golf course sales?

By: June 18, 2011

Among many of our everyday activities like buying is becoming social. In the 2011 Social Commerce study of the National Retail Federation turned out every 5th US customer is using Groupon. Groupon says golf courses are one of the active users of their services:

Groupon Golf

Some golf courses are already using Groupon to boost green fee sales, like Trent Golf Park Golf or Quail Chase Golf Course (you will not find on Quail Chase Golf Course's website the opportunity of Groupon offer).

Those who have already utilized Groupon's solution realized that people who are buying via Groupon they have a quite a good purchasing power and capability. Here are some highlights of Groupon's survey:

Groupon Employment Income

Groupon Age Education

Beside selling green fees, I would use Groupon to promote:

  • golf course membership registration and renewal
  • pro shop (e.g. it pays off to you to buy your new Titleist golf club)
  • event organizing (e.g. hold your conference in our golf course and get x%)
  • hotel of the golf course
  • golf training etc.

However you still have to figure out whether still beneficial to give 50% discount to those who are interested in your offer. You will have to calculate how many people can you attract and how many of those people will turn to be a loyal customer. In theory if your golf course and service is outstanding you can expect loyalty and more sales. Amen. 🙂