Innovative golf course membership pricing

By: October 15, 2012

Unfortunately this year Goowood golf club fell out from the TOP100 list of Golf Monthly. However they have an interesting golf club membership pricing model. Two years ago I wrote that we should find out a new golf club membership pricing policy to stop the declining number of active golf players' number in UK and in Ireland (also in other countries). The issue is still relevant. 

Goodwood golf club's objectives are to make golf more affordable and to be adjustable to members' playing habits. They went simply beyond on prices and fees. They thought also about additional benefits and services, that can help also the surrounding area of the golf club. On their website I have not found answer to what can a golfer do during those months when the weather is not in favour of golf play. I am thinking about reciprocal arrangements with other golf clubs in different countries.

So here is their solution:

  • Membership fee starting from 395 GBP. For this you will get:
  • entrance to 2 unique Championship golf courses +
  • credits to invite up to 7 friends+
  • up to 6 weeks tee time booking+
  • Callaway golf balls

Now comes to additional offers that also good for the golf course's neighbourhood as well:

  • 2 complementary tickets to the Festival of Speed;
  • Discount in Goodwood's restaurants and venues.

A golfer pays the annual membership fee and chooses a Credit bundle (based on your lifestyle: "Peak", "Popular" and "Peaceful"). During the year if you run out of credits, you still top it up.