The golfers chose again The Belfry

By: January 24, 2013

I am pretty skeptical about awards and titles (e.g. Superbrand, Golf Digest etc.). May be in two cases I am ready to accept such titles: people's choice (Although it also can be manipulated.) and how the company/brand/whatever is perceived in social media. So let's assume that Today's Golfer Travel Award is among the reliable awards. Time to time I like to return to highlight the importance of customer experience, since it correlates to loyalty. Such loyalty we can measure by purchase intent, churn and word of mouth. It also makes more difficult to your competitors to acquire your customers.

This year again several De Vere Golf Resorts were recognised in the regional categories that make up the awards, including The Belfry. Just like in 2012, The Belfry won 2 awards:

  1. Award for "Best hotel/ Resort";
  2. Award for "Best course" in the East & Midlands category 

It would be great to know how the De Vere Club membership scheme influenced people's attitude toward The Belfry.

  The Belfry (2)