Troon Golf goes mobile

By: January 30, 2013

One of the greatest events in 2012 was when smartphones and tablets took over PCs. The battle between mobile operation systems (Android vs iOS) or Samsung vs Apple is little bit less important. IHS iSuppli Research says that by 2016 smartphones will represent 67.4 percent of the total cellphone market.

Worldwide Mobile Handset type market share forecast
Troon Golf in last October launched free iPhone and Android applications for their 100 golf courses. These applications connect with the main Troon Golf site and at the same time with all Troon Golf courses. Troon Golf is utilizing the 3 most popular usage of mobile applications

  1. Mobile payments and commerce;
  2. Social;
  3. Location based services.

Mobile application popularity

If the rumour is true, then Troon Golf made a mistake when he charges (8 USD) user for booking tee times. This contradicts to the will to develop a positive customer experience. The best interest of Troon Golf would be enable golf course members to accomplish their goals, in other words to book more tee times or extend the golf course membership

The real challenge for Troon Golf is the pace and size of adaption of these mobile applications. It is good to bear in mind that majority of smartphone users are in 18-44 age group. This is crucial in the near future. Other concern is, how easy would be to use for elder people or who are not smartphone savvy? 

All these questions are important to gain favorable customer experience. I hope in my next post I will not have to distinguish between regular and smartphones and just say mobile phones. 🙂