Low flying falcons over Las Colinas Golf Club

By: March 11, 2013

So far I knew a little about Las Colinas Golf Club. I knew that it is a par 71 18-hole championship golf course designed by Cabell B. RobinsonLas Colinas Golf Club is one of the 3 golf courses that was designed by Cabell B. Robinson (+ Finca Cortesin and Mijas Golf(Los Olivos Golf Course) both of them are in Malaga). I also knew that in 2011-2012 this golf course was Europe 73th best golf course according to Golf World.

As like in Gleneagles Golf Club (The first dedicated falconry school in the world, was established at Gleneagles in 1992), now Las Colinas Golf Club is also trying to acclimatize falconry in their resort by launching the International School of Falconry Las Colinas to master birdies of a different nature.   

International School of Falconry Las Colinas (2)

Falconry is not totally new sport in Spain. It is believed falconry entered Spain in the 5th century AD, coming from North Africa with the Moorish Kings and along the northern Mediterranean coast from Eastern Europe with the Goths at approximately the same time.