How Crown Golf is attracting women to golf?

By: November 16, 2013

In April I have already described why do I think it is a mistake not to pay enough attention to female golfers. I wrote that and I still believe in it: Although the golf business has been dominated by male participation, we should not neglect ( Download Connecting-with-Herfemale golfers. They are representing 19.3% of all golfers. Just in the US there is a potential 38 million women who are open to golf. 

This is not just about equal rights, but also where golf clubs should look for new source of revenue (among the others). The latest NGF report shows that in 2012 golf participation remained flat. Golf clubs are not just struggeling to attract new golfers, but also to retain golf club members and regular golfers as well. One of the reasons why people play less golf is that they don't have partner to play with (see picture below). This is one of my reasons why I play less. Wouldn't be great to play with women? It is more fun isn't it.

Golf Attrition image by NGF

In UK & Ireland is probably the lowest is the participation rate (14.5%) of female golfers among the leading golfer states. Another worrisome fact is that although there are over 3,000 golf clubs in the UK, currently less than one in seven of the country’s golfers are female. According to England Golf the average golf club in England has less than three girls as its members.


In this field Crown Golf is able to present some great achievements. Most Crown Golf clubs have a higher-than-average percentage of lady members; some clubs such as Milford and St Mellion have a female membership of almost 25%, approaching twice the national average. At other clubs such as Mill Green, Chesfield Downs, Batchworth Park and South Winchester, almost one in five members are female.

I think in many places what is missing is the encourgement from the golf club management to show women are indeed welcomed to play golf in the golf club. We golf clubs should  look after them personally with everything from handicaps and learning the game, to finding partners and entering events.