Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is supporting disabled golfers

By: November 30, 2013

I think in golf clubs there are two minorities: 1. female golfers and 2. disabled golfers/people. In my previous posts I wrote about the importance of promoting and supporting women's participation in golf and in golf clubs' life.

Similar to women, disabled golfers need special attention and support. This is why I was happy to read about  Las Colinas Golf & Country Club's event that they organized with the Spanish Golf Federation in partnership with the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) between 7th and 9th November. 

Las Colinas Golf Inter Adaptado (2)

I would be happy to hear about that this event was not just a single event and the golf club will think how they can integrate disabled golfers into their golf club and society. Whatever we call it CSR initiative or something else, but we should help and ease to some extent these people's life.

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