NGCOA recognizes AFGL as official footgolf organization

By: March 18, 2015

When I first heard about a Hungarian golf club that allows golfers to play footgolf, I found it strange and as a sign of decay of the golf club. My other concern how footgolf will effect the quality of the fairway and the green.

Today I consider it as a potential initiative to attract people to golf especially those who prefer football over golf.

And now…NGCOA has recognized the American FootGolf League (AFGL) as the “Governing Body for the Sport of FootGolf in the U.S.” and it’s “Official FootGolf Organization".


I suspect the motive or reason behind the recognition is revenue generating capability of FootGolf for golf course operators. Mike Tinkey, deputy CEO of NGCOA said: "It has taken off virally and the number of FootGolf courses is growing rapidly as it brings in new customers and new revenue. Facilities are reporting they are seeing more millennials, women, children and young families after introducing FootGolf." 

FootGolf was the ‘Idea of the Year’ in Canada and Michigan in 2013 and 2014.