Unprecedented number of golf rounds played in Algarve in Q1 2015

By: May 22, 2015

The Algarve, Europe’s leading golf destination (2 nine or 18-hole golf courses), has continued its surge in popularity after revealing a five-figure increase (increase of more than 50,000 rounds played on its famous courses in 2014) in the number of golf rounds played on its famous courses in the first quarter of 2015.

Well, I am not totally surprised, if we remember how much Quinta do Lago invested in their golf club and golf course. Quinta do Lago started in 2009 a major €29m investment programme, with a further €21m is set to be spent on improving its facilities in the 3 three years. Other good example is Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort that was award in 2014 for the best golf course three years in a row.


Algarve also benefited from the strong British pound that has strengthened more than 20% against the Euro in the last 12 months. UK golfers are approaching the 2015 season with gusto in the knowledge they will receive even greater value for money in the Algarve this year.

Other interesting finding and possible reason to the high number of golf rounds played is the power of social media. Algarve ran several social media campaigns to generate interest and awareness for its golf courses. In addition to this it operates several social media channels: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+.

Algarve will celebrate its 50th anniversary as a golf destination in 2016.