What would you do to improve your F&B cart operations?

By: Jeff Kelley September 29, 2015

Today, another interesting golf start-up company’s Founder & CEO will be my guest writer. Jeff Kelley from Bevnow, will explain us why & how should we maximize mobile technology to improve our F&B cart operations.

The F&B cart represents a significant amount of income for a golf course; our estimates place revenue from the F&B cart operations in the US at $700 million annually. Yet it’s an operation that often appears to be treated as an after thought, because of the way that it is run and operated.

3 screens

The typical F&B cart operation is (or should be) run separate from the clubhouse operation. Inventory is stored separately, and accounting is handled independently. While the clubhouse operation utilizes ePOS systems to track inventory and accept payments, the F&B cart operation still tends to utilize pen and paper for inventory control, and they frequently only accept cash.

The reason for these 2 different systems is that as ePOS became commonplace for the indoor operation, the technology was not advanced enough to allow for ePOS or mobile POS on the golf course.

We now live in a day and age where the technology is available to the F&B cart operators with many possible additional features. The needs of the F&B cart operation are different than the inside clubhouse operation, and so Bevnow set out to build a complete solution for managers of golf course F&B carts.


With Bevnow cart tenders use a smartphone, or tablet, to track inventory, process payments and see where their customers are on the course (see picture above) and what they want. A platform like Bevnow gives the cart tenders complete market awareness.

Likewise, golfers download Bevnow for free and are able to request (and pay for) service from anywhere on the course using a smart phone. Golfers can download here for Android Devices or here for iPhones.

Managers don’t just see how much of a product they sold and for what price, they can get reports on how long golfers are waiting for service, where golfers order from most frequently on the course, and what times of day they do the most volume.

Bevnow provides managers with the data they need to operate their F&B cart at peak efficiency.