Assoufid Golf Club continues the march to the top

By: November 10, 2015

In May, I wrote about that Assoufid Golf Club (Morocco) was nominated on the shortlist for The World Golf Awards as ‘Morocco’s Best Golf Course 2015. At this time, I can herald their victory of the title of ‘Morocco’s Best Golf Course 2015’ at the 2nd Annual World Golf Awards. Within a year, this is their 2nd award victory. The first one was the ‘Africa’s Best New Golf Course 2014’ title.

Assoufid GC Morroco best golf course WGA 2015 winner

The management of Assoufid Golf Club is determined to become Morocco’s market leader. Beside the threat of other Moroccan golf clubs they will have to deal with the increasing maintenance expenses (e.g. water, nutrients, energy, chemicals, equipment) to keep up the current level of quality.

We should not forget that Morocco is not rich in water. Its groundwater reserves are also dwindling. The country is lack of functioning sanitation network and wastewater treatment system.

So I think Assoufid Golf Club should invest less in high water-demanding golf course design trends and minimize the usage of these ones:

  • Longer, uniform rough,
  • Color and aesthetics,
  • Overseeding,
  • Increased length,
  • Increased footprint.

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Assoufid GC 1st hole