How to make lifetime memories at Fairmont St Andrews?

By: March 14, 2016

Thanks to Crown Golf, GolfBoard is not totally new in the UK. Last year Crown Golf has tested GolfBoard in 3 of its golf courses: The Hertfordshire, Paultons (rental from £15) and Sherfield Oaks. Now, the Troon (preferred partner of GolfBoard since November 2015) managed Fairmont St Andrews is going to have a fleet of GolfBoards.

As I am reading the interview with Amy Yeates (Director of Golf at Fairmont St Andrews), I’ve got an impression that they understood how important to provide a memorable experience to golfers: “As a more modern venue in a region steeped in history and tradition, we are trying to set ourselves apart and effectively combine what golfers are really after, flexibility and entertainment. Golf is fun and we aim to offer an experience that is much more than just 18-holes.”

Of course, there is no mention about how much growth in rounds played and revenue they are expecting from GolfBoard usage. Furthermore, it would be interesting to know how much GolfBoard can improve pace of play.

What I really liked is the idea of placing mobile/battery charger in the clubhouse. I would also on the 9th tee instead of the first. It is a small thing (and doesn’t need a big investment), but it can make golfers life hassle-free and foster the golf club’s online communication and reputation. One question remains, is it a mobile-friendly golf course? Do they provide free wifi on the golf course and in the clubhouse?

Faimont St Andrews - The 17th and 18th holes on The Kittocks Course MR