How to manage your golf life with minimum investment?

By: March 8, 2016

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the phenomenon of “nomad golfers“. In 2013, their share of nomad golfers in the UK & Ireland was 68%. In 2014, England Golf found that their share grew: 73% and as such outnumbers the registered golfer by close to 3 players to 1over 2 million people).

I assume their share and number haven’t shrunk since then. So, I thought to ask The International Golf Club London (ICG London) if they have any solution how to tackle with the phenomenon of nomad golfers and what is so special in their golf club.

Peter Phillips, co-founder and joint director IGC London found an interesting concept in Brussels that he implemented in The International Golf Club London. For a small annual fee, members are able to pay-and-play up to twice a week as of May on both weekends and weekdays, and can invite guests to join them in experiencing an array of courses in the south-east region.

He said “…in the UK as well, there are a vast number of golfers who don’t want a membership in one club, but want to be able to experience a diverse range of courses. IGC London offers that within a social environment where you’re able to meet and play with like-minded people on a regular basis. It’s something that I think golfers in the UK will benefit from hugely.”

The International Golf Club London (ICG London), the first of it’s kind in the UK, is launching an exciting opportunity for golfers to play competitive events at championship courses in the south-east region.

The golf club offers members and guests the opportunity to enter weekly competitive tournaments at premier golfing venues around London and the south-east at preferential rates.

Venues already featured on the varied and impressive schedule include renowned championship courses such as The Grove, Moor Park (see picture below), The Addington, Essendon Country Club, The Drift, Walton Heath, and both courses at Sunningdale.

Pre-season events will begin on the 26th March at The Grove in Hertfordshire, with the full season launching on the 5th May at Sandy Lodge, Hertfordshire.


West Hole 18_MoorPark