Is Tara Iti Golf Club the most exclusive golf club?

By: June 27, 2016

As I am reading the statistics about the New Zealander golf industry, a strong desire captures me to share with you the story of Tara Iti Golf Club (it was opened in October 2015). But before I start to introduce you the Tara Iti Golf Club, let’s see why is the New Zealander golf industry is so interesting:

  1. 482,000 golfers (10.68% of the total population; age: 18+) —>this makes golf the highest participation sport in New Zealand. The total population of the country was 4,509,700 in 2014.
  2. 125,000 golfers are affiliated with golf clubs.
  3. 400+ golf clubs can be found in New Zealand. New Zealand is the second in the world for the number of course per capita for the population of 4.5 million.
  4. Golf tourism: $296M benefit to the New Zealander economy (an increase of 41% since 2013)

Tara Iti Ric Kayne, John Darby,Tom Doak

Can Tara Iti Golf Club bring world fame to New Zealand?

The Tom Doak-designed Tara Iti Golf Club was opened in October 2015, on 1,700 seaside acres an hour northwest of Auckland. The Tara Iti Golf Club was built on what had been a pine-covered Sahara by the sea. The new golf club will be able to be open 12 months a year. It is interesting to realize that despite there’s a lot of sand, but we will not find bunkers on the golf course.

According to Jim Rohrstaff with Auckland-based Legacy Partners, Ltd., the exclusive real estate marketing agent for Te Arai, 20 of 46 housing lots have been released thus far. Nineteen of 20 have been sold.

The Tara Iti Golf Club is a very private club where membership is extended to individuals by invitation only. Yet the club’s ethos is also quite casual, conservationist, and thoroughly international. The new private club accepts limited outside play from overseas visitors. There are already guesses around what can be the annual membership fee. Some people say $10,000 to $20,000/year.

Can the Tara Iti Golf Club challenge Pebble Beach? What do you think?

How will the Tara Iti Golf Club manage the following challenges?

  1. Income diversity: Can they afford  to rely solely on golf club members?
  2. Giving sufficient attention to the high quality of service.
  3. Achieving sustainable golf course.

Ric Kayne, John Darby, Tara Iti