What can prove Club Car’s fuel saving capabilities?

By: July 20, 2016

In general, I wrote about new products and solutions for your golf club business. This time I happy to share with you the results of  The Grove‘s (host of this year’s British Masters supported by Sky Sports) investment in 9 advanced petrol engine Club Car Carryall utility vehicles (it was developed in cooperation with Subaru). The golf club switched to these Club Car utility vehicles in 2014.

Thanks to this change, The Grove’s turf utility fleet was able to achieve more than 50% fuel savings.

Philip Chiverton, Course Manager at The Grove, said that they “opted for the petrol engine vehicles rather than the electric for use on the golf course to ensure we can operate them throughout the day and despite this significant use we have been able to reduce our fuel costs, as well as further enhance our environmental credentials.”

Club Car claims on its website that the Precedent EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) enjoys a 35% power boost over our previous gas engine while using 35% less fuel.

In addition to this, filter-less oil system reduces emissions and environmental impact by 33% per oil change, while the single cylinder OHC (Overhead Cam) engine block is designed to help reduce engine temperatures and wear while enabling golf clubs and courses to decrease the maintenance costs of a petrol fleet.

Nevertheless, golf clubs should strive to change to electric golf carts and utility vehicles for the sake of environment protection and sustainability.

The Grove’s utility vehicle fleet also consists of two electric Club Car Carryall 500 vehicles, for use in the gardens, one Café Express vehicle and four Villager 8 cars to shuttle guests around the resort.

How could Club Car save more for The Grove?

As you know my whim is mobile and digital technology. So if we truly look for the efficiency of our utility vehicles, then it would be wise to utilize Club Car‘s Visage system. This is not just good for the golfers, but also for the maintenance team who can improve their productivity.

Just imagine that situation when you know where exactly your guest is playing, so you will start your work where you will not disturb him/her. You can also sign so-called no-go zones” in the system, thus golfers will not go there. Needless to say that Club Car is not the only golf utility vehicle manufacturer who provides such solution (e.g. E-Z-GO‘s TKV GPS, Yamahatrack (powered by iGolf)). Actually, Visage and TKV GPS are quite similar, but Visage screen is displaying better.


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