What Crown Golf’s lethal generosity is about?

By: August 3, 2016

I have just found a good example of lethal generosity when I read that Crown Golf (UK’s largest golf club operator) has dropped Club Hire fees at its venues in a bid to attract as many newcomers as possible.

The free club hire deal – available immediately – also includes three golf balls, a pitch mark repairer, and some tees to get you started. To access the free club hire deal, golfers are asked to put down a £20 refundable deposit before they play.

What is the lethal generosity?

About lethal generosity, I first read in Shel Israel’s book.  Shel Israel in his book defined lethal generosity as a “strategy where vendors focus entirely on customer needs and experiences and base decisions on what is the best for the customer/shopper, even if it may inflict a temporary ding to revenue or profit“.

Yes, providing free club hire can lower the barrier mainly for newcomers, but it might be interesting for those as well who do not want to travel with their golf clubs.

How could Crown Golf attract more newcomers?

For many years we have focused on touchpoints (e.g. pro-shop) to improve our services (yes, golf club is a service provider). However, today we should rather think about end-to-end customer journey mapping and development.  Needless to say that our performance should be consistent during the total customer journey.

Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions when you develop your golf club’s customer journey(s):

  • Where do “want to be” golfers collect information about golf, golf clubs, golf lessons etc.? (see awareness)
  • Who can influence them? Identify the right influencers! I would not neglect the micro-influencers who might not have millions of followers, but they produce great quality material, in a genuine way. Make sure the influencers you’re using are about quality and engagement. (see consideration)
  • Can you offer them customized lessons? What payment solutions are available? (see purchase)
  • How could you make your golf lessons and communication with them more effective? How would you keep up positive customer experience emotions? Where are the cross and upsell opportunities? (retention) 
  • How could you enable them to share their experience with their friends and peer group members? (see advocacy)

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