Happy birthday to Medinah Country Club’s organic garden!

By: February 15, 2017

I assume you would expect many things to hear from and about Medinah Country Club, but about their organic garden. Yes, organic garden. You read it correctly.

Last December, I found in Global Golf Advisors’ 2016 National Trends Survey (they gauged the impact of national trends on private clubs)  that there is a trend toward healthier menu selections among private golf clubs.

Which links to our news and explains the decision of Medinah Country Club is the growing demand for organic foods in the US.

The survey by the Organic Trade Association found that in 2016, American consumers spent more than $43 billion on organic food!!! Another interesting fact from this organization is that 2015 brought the industry’s largest dollar gain ever, adding $4.2 billion in sales, up from the $3.9 billion recorded in 2014.

So, the 1-year-old organic garden of Medinah Country Club seems to reflect the above-mentioned consumption trend and customer need.  Inside the organic garden, we can find: 25 beds have been planted with 34 different fruits and vegetables, 17 savory herbs and garnishes, and 6 varieties of fragrant and edible flowers.

The vegetables and herbs are featured on the Medinah Country Club’s “Garden Menu,” while some of the fruits are being turned into jams, enhancing seasonal dishes, and garnishing cocktails.

Last spring, an on-site chicken coop housed 20 hens. Another 20 have been added—all hatched on premises—and the club is cooking with their USDA-certified eggs as well as fertilizing with a compost made from egg shells, chicken droppings, trimmings, and coffee grounds.

During this spring, the club plans to inaugurate its own bee colony, starting with two hives that will help pollinate the garden while producing honey.

Medinah Country Club organic garden

Although we are in the lure of foodie culture, we should keep in mind:

  • the importance of today’s social nature of dining (e.g. we like to share photos of interesting foods);
  • our dining out habits are also changing.