How could PGA Catalunya Resort utilize wine tourism trends?

By: August 11, 2017

Did you hear that PGA Catalunya Resort will have a new, on-site vineyard? The Celler Mas Hereu, will eventually see the European Tour Destination produce its own wine. The idea of combining wine and golf is not totally a new idea (e.g. the Portuguese Vidago Palace Hotel has got a wine cellar), but to have a vineyard in a golf resort it might be…

PGA Catalunya is surrounded by well-known wine regions including DO Empordá, DO Alella y and DO Penedés.

They are maximizing the proximity to celebrated wine regions, combined with the gastronomic heritage of the Costa Brava.  PGA Catalunya is now recovering the old Catalan tradition of family wine production for own consumption, creating wines for resort clients and residents. It is not excluded that the government is also motivating the PGA Catalunya Resort to grow economic returns such initiative can provide.

The new project will also enable vine adoption possibilities for homeowners, as well as grape picking and wine workshops for all guests at PGA Catalunya Resort and Hotel Camiral, Girona’s only five-star hotel and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World network. Another benefit of wine tourism is the higher margins.

PGA Catalunya Resort - Celler Mas Hereu

In the last decade, wine tourism became a pillar in the diversification strategies of many destinations. Wine tourism is helping destinations (even golf tourism destinations!) to enrich their touristic offer and attract different tourists. Can you image while you are playing an 18-hole, your non-golfer wife with the kids go to an experimental program, a blending seminar?

PGA Catalunya Resort by enabling vine adoption possibilities for homeowners, they are following an emerging trend in wine tourism. In other resorts, you will get a plaque next to the vineyard with your name written on it.

It would be also interesting for tourists to participate in the grape growing or winemaking process as part of a blending seminar.  In many places, you can blend and label your own wine that you can buy it at the end of the event.

PGA Catalunya Resort - Celler Mas Hereu_vine planting

In general, these are TOP10 reasons of wine tourists to visit a place:

  1. to taste wine,
  2. to gain wine knowledge,
  3. to experience the wine setting, (e.g. meet the winemaker; tour cellars & vineyards),
  4. to be in a rural setting ( the beauty of vineyards; learn about farming, agri-tourism),
  5. to match food and wine–culinary tourism,
  6. to have fun (wine festivals and events),
  7. to enjoy wine culture (romance and elegance),
  8. to appreciate the architecture and art,
  9. to learn about the “green” aspects and eco-tourism, and
  10. to enjoy the health aspects of wine.

I would like to get answers to these questions:

  1. Will they join a wine trail (or a countryside wine tour) or stay as a standalone attraction?
  2. Will they cooperate with wine tour operators?
  3. What kind of exciting wine event can and will they organize? (like Mendocino Whale Festival in Mendocino, California)
  4. Will they cooperate with regional wineries?
  5. The Millennials out-drank Baby Boomers! Do you know what kind of wines do they prefer? Are you prepared for them?
  6. Can I get “natural” wines?

Your Turn!

Do you know any other golf resorts that have such initiative? If yes, then what are the experiences?