Troon makes the most of the latest fitness trends

By: May 30, 2018

Troon by partnering with AMPD Golf Performance to provide the best in golf swing development, golf fitness, training, athleticism and conditioning to members and customers of Troon-managed golf facilities, they are actually following the latest wellness trends in the hospitality industry.

Troon AMPD Golf Performance partnership

Damon Goddard, a partner at AMPD Golf Performance, and famed fitness coach who was just named as one of Golf Digest’s 2017-2018 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals, currently works with a host of PGA, LPGA, collegiate and elite junior golfers. Goddard says, “AMPD’s technology produces dynamic golf-athletes that are more efficient and effective, improving everyone’s game and overall experience on and off the course.”

Troon & the TOP 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2018

I don’t how much you paid attention what AMPD Golf Performance CEO, Phil Donnelly said: Fitness is universal, not just for golfers, but also for their families.”

In the November/December 2017 edition of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, I found the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018. It ranked the TOP 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2018.

Here I share with you 10 out of the TOP 20:

  1. High-intensity interval training: a HIIT training session involves bursts of maximum-effort, very hard work (typically about 20 to 90 seconds), followed by a period of low-intensity recovery;
  2. Group training or group fitness classes: AMPD has got an on-site training service for small groups (max. 3 golfers);
  3. Wearable technology: activity trackers;
  4. Body weight training;
  5. Strength training;
  6. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals;
  7. Yoga;
  8. Personal training;
  9. Fitness programs for older adults;
  10. Functional fitness…

Such an upgrade of a golf academy will require larger, more spacious and of course more inviting facility. I would add:

  • a food-and-beverage side to express the golf club’s commitment to the healthy lifestyle;
  • ‘socializing areas’;
  • special program for women;
  • a free mobile app similar to Under Armour’s UA Record (it provides a social network for fitness buffs, as well as tools for collecting, analyzing, and sharing fitness data) —> it could bring closer like-minded club members and guests + it is always good to have a quick access to our performance stats.

Another positive aspect of Troon’s new partnership is that by using their golf academy customers’ data they will be able to come up with truly personalized future training offers and services.

I think Troon’s new service will work better in public golf courses. This assumption is based on Global Golf Advisor’s 2016 National Trends Survey (Gauging the Impact of National Trends on Private Clubs).

This study found that general managers of private clubs ranked health & fitness has the 13th biggest impact on their clubs’ business performance.  The TOP3 were:

  1. Food & Beverage Experience
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Food & Beverage menu