European Property Awards says Las Colinas is the….

By: October 31, 2018

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Las Colinas Golf & Country Club a see really close the real estate concept and developments of the resort. It was amazing to see around the golf course the great number of ongoing villa constructions.

For those of you who have not yet visited the resort, let me share with you some really impressive facts before I discuss the European Property Awards‘ decision:

  • The Las Colinas Golf & Country Club covers an area of 330 hectares.
  • It has a 200,000 sq. meters nature preserve.
  • The homes at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club are laid out into private communities.
  • The residential offering on sale includes villas, 3-bedroom apartments, and plots of land.

Las Colinas - European Property Awards - buildings under construction

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club & the European Property Awards

The inaugural International Property Awards were presented in 1993 and covered 10 different residential categories. The awards were judged by an independent panel of 80 industry experts, with judging focused on:

  • design,
  • quality,
  • service,
  • innovation,
  • originality,
  • and commitment to sustainability.

What I felt during my stay at one of the Jacaranda villas that they are elegant and practical at the same time. When you will be there, you will feel that you are away from the world in a positive way.

This year Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has been rewarded as a leading sustainable golf and residential resort.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club - European Property Awards 2018

Cristobal Guerrero, Managing Director of Las Colinas said:

“To be awarded in the prestigious European Property Awards recognizes that Las Colinas is leading the way in the property industry in Spain and in Europe. It is a resort that has found a synergy with its natural environment, using the indigenous flora, fauna, and topography to its best advantage while simultaneously protecting and preserving it for generations to come.”

Silvia Llanes, Residential and Marketing Director at Gmp, the parent company of Las Colinas, stated:

Sustainability also comes in responding to the shifting demands of buyers on golf resorts and the need to offer high quality homes that show tangible value for money on a resort whose amenities and appeal extends far beyond golf, which Las Colinas has excelled at so far and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.

This is not the first time when Las Colinas Golf & Country Club gets such recognition. In 2014, they won the Golf Resort Award at the International Hotel & Property Awards (hosted by Design et al).

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club was voted as the best Golf Resort by the general public.