How to seize golf club employee activism?

By: February 27, 2019

At first hearing, golf club employee activism might sound like a scary term to grow your golf club business. Actually, it is an opportunity for golf clubs to build trust and gain bigger exposure in the real world.

Our golf club employees’ relationships and connections are often overlooked or underestimated as a way to build our business.

Enable and empower them to shout their enthusiasm for your golf club!

Golf club employee activism

Even those golf clubs and golf resorts who understood the importance of customer experience, they fail to focus on the experiences of their employees.

To be able to utilize golf club employee activism we first must deliver compelling and sustainable employee experience.

This requires a foundational understanding of articulated and anticipated employee needs, wants, and motivations at the different stages of their relationship with our golf club.

When you are thinking about your employees, you should not forget that they are people in pursuit of purpose and connection on creative, intellectual, social, physical etc. levels.

Your golf club employees are expecting mutually beneficial relationship and trusting relationship with you.

golf club employee activism

Thriving and engaged golf club employees will help you to attract more guests and golf club members.

Social media & golf club employee activism

Social media as a communication platform enables people to uncover information about our golf clubs that might not otherwise have been known.

We have to accept the fact that social media has got a huge impact on employee engagement and fuels employee activism as well.

A recent LinkedIn research found, 61% of LinkedIn users who follow your organization are willing to be your golf club brand ambassadors and share your content.

Some other interesting facts (Source: Weber Shandwick: Employees Rising):

  • 88% of people today use at least one social media site for personal use.
  • 50% post messages, pictures or even videos in social media about employer often or time-to-time.

Therefore, golf clubs must be prepared to facilitate the activism of their employees.

Company storytelling is not just about external communication, but also toward employees as well.

One of the biggest mistakes of employers today is that they don’t communicate effectively with their employees.

I strongly recommend encouraging your employees to use social media to share news and information about your golf club.

This will have a significant impact on employer advocacy.

golf club employee activism

It is not a side-issue when you have a very limited advertising budget to promote your content in social media, then your employees’ support worth a lot of money.

A Facebook user has got, on average, 150-200 Facebook contacts.

Now let’s make a calculation:

Let’s say you have got 50 employees and everyone of them have got 150 Facebook contacts, then if they share your content on Facebook you can reach at least 7500 people (50*150) for FREE.

This is really important since without boosting Facebook posts your conent is reaching less than 1% of your followers.

People will be more open to checking these shared (by your employees) contents and more likely to react favorably.

Encouraging employee activism – tips

  1. Provide high-speed wi-fi in every part of your golf club!
  2. Provide access to social media.
  3. Provide social media training to your employees. +keep them up-to-date on the relevant social media trends.
  4. Provide easy-to-understand social media guidelines.
  5. Ask them to inform you if they find something about your golf club in social media or any part of the internet.
  6. Provide them content that they can share in social media (e.g. image library; ebooks, video, infographics etc.).