Is smart hospitality important to La Mola?

By: May 8, 2019

The Real Club de Golf El Prat has just extended its exclusivity agreement with La Mola Conference Center Hotel.

La Mola is located next to the 10th hole of the North course of Real Club de Golf El Prat.

Their latest offers are:

  • A three-night stay at the onsite hotel on a semi all-inclusive basis per person in a double room, two green fees and buggy transportation to the course and back start from  €384 (£332), while
  • five nights with three green fees are from €618 (£535) and
  • a seven-night stay with five green fees is from €918 (£794).

If I were you I would not miss La Mola‘s, wellness services (e.g. 24-hour health club, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, and Alphasphere relax room).

Real Club de Golf El Prat La Mola lobby

La Mola and the tech-augmented hospitality

Would you believe that free Wifi (included in the above-mentioned offers) is the 3rd most important utility for hotels in 2019? One of the major trends in the hospitality industry in 2019 is tech-augmented hospitality.

I believe sensitive cooperation and harmonization between technology and humans will not intimidate guests. The right technology placed in the right context can make a huge impact on customer experience.

A recent study of IHG, Foresight Factory, and Cornell University found human service still wins over self-serve, but there already areas where we welcome self-service:

  • Ordering taxi/airport transfer,
  • Checking in and out,
  • Ordering room service.

Probably this is the reason why we don’t hear anything about Hilton’s Connie concierge robot (in cooperation with IBM Watson) since 2016.

At the same time, Hilton’s Connected Room service (available via
Hilton Honors app) is a good example of how to provide meaningful in-room experience. It provides control, connectivity, and personalization in the hands of the guests (e.g. TV, ordering, opening & closing door, air-conditioner, light controlling, etc.).

I think golf resorts and clubs will need to invest in digital services and consider them as part of the core of the golf resort/club/hotel experience.

We must get rid of standardization and focus on how can we provide personalized services, offers, and communication. Every guest is unique with his/her needs, goals, and desires.

If we really want to impress our guests, we must give them personal attention. This will make guests feel valued and loyal.

Real Club de Golf El Prat La Mola Lobby B Arty

In service and offer personalization, artificial intelligence (e.g. customized recommendations) and beacon technology can help hotels and golf clubs a lot.

AI can also help to move from a reactive model to one that can assess real-time opportunities and also predict customer behavior.

Research done by Microsoft and KPMG shows that organizations in the UK already on the artificial intelligence journey are outperforming peers by 5% on factors like productivity, performance and business outcomes. 

By utilizing AI (the system which is constantly learning about guest preferences), hotels and golf clubs will be able to serve their guests and members to a greater level.

Just to understand the importance of personalization, it is worth checking Oracle’s The Great Loyalty Divide study. Here are some very noteworthy findings:

  • Relevancy of offers and rewards is another area that throws up a large discrepancy: 54% of hoteliers thought guest offers are mostly relevant, while only 22% of guests think they are.
  • Conversely, only 6% of hoteliers thought guest offers are rarely relevant whereas 39% of guests think offers are not relevant.
  • 30% of leisure travelers staying primarily for holiday reasons wished to book with a familiar brand vs. 82% of business guests.
  • 55% of hotel guests would exchange personal details in exchange for a personalized offer or promotion
  • 65% of hotel guests think a more personal service from the staff is appealing.
  • 65% of hotel guests think personalized offers based on purchase history are appealing.
  • Over 70% of Millennials and Pre-millennials were members of loyalty programs vs. less than 20% among Baby Boomers.
Real Club de Golf El Prat golf course and La Mola