Will a PowaKaddy GPS trolley make you feel better at Valderrama?

By: July 24, 2019

Today we are not surprised to see golfers with rangefinders, smartwatches or even smart trolleys (PowaKaddy GPS trolley fleet at Valderrama).

I can see 3 global trends that can underpin/support this phenomenon:

  1. Golfers like other consumers are seeking frictionless experiences that are in line with their lifestyles. Consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives.
  2. The demand for immediacy: ‘I want it NOW!’
  3. The ‘I Can Look After Myself‘ attitude says we/consumers/golfers can care for ourselves successfully if we have the right equipment to do so.

Today, smart technology is empowering even golfers to collect and interpret real-time data about their game (=golf) for a more professional approach to measure performance.

This is not simply about performance measurement, but also about to gauge our progression.

Here are some examples:

Valderrama PowaKaddy rental fleet at the clubhouse entry

PowaKaddy GPS Rental fleet at Real Club Valderrama

For the above-mentioned reasons, it was a good idea of Real Club Valderrama to enhance their members’ and guests’ lives with PowaKaddy GPS trolleys.

I have just realized that the 2019 PowaKaddy Rental GPS trolley is the world’s first electric rental trolley with GPS capability.

The 2019 GPS Rental trolley also incorporates PowaKaddy’s 36-hole Lithium battery, which is the thinnest and most powerful design on the market. 

Now it is available for fleet purchase by club professionals in the UK and Europe.

PowaKaddy GPS trolley fleet at Real Club Valderrama