100+ UK golf clubs are confident in Players 1st

By: September 12, 2019

I am always delighted when I hear about that more and more golf clubs are taking the customer experience seriously so much so that they even measure it.

Two years ago, Morten Bisgaard, the CEO and Co-Founder of Players 1st explained here on Golf Business Monitor to us the importance of customer experience measurement.

In the last two years, 100 English golf clubs have signed up for their services.

While Players 1st is also a preferred partner of England Golf in the Customer Service / Membership Surveys category.

Players 1st dashboard

Where could Players 1st grow?

At this moment, Players 1st‘s services are focusing on the customer experience of golf club members and guests.

How do we want to provide exceptional customer experiences for our golf club members and guests if our employees are not committed, nor satisfied with their work?

Many of my clients are confused about the difference between employee engagement and employee experience.

Employee experience is a long-term redesign of the organization by focusing on the cultural, physical, and technological environments.

For your employees, their experience is the reality of what it’s like to work in your golf club/resort.

The experience economy does not stop at the get of your golf club. It is everywhere! Your golf club employees are looking for motivating experiences in their jobs.

Let’s not forget that employee experience can’t be created unless the organization (=golf club/resort) knows its employees’ needs, goals, and desires.

We want to create golf clubs where our employees want to show up enthusiastically.

Players 1st love my job book

To be able to create an attractive workplace, we must align employee expectations, needs, and wants with the organizational design of employee expectations, needs and wants.

Mercer’s HR 2025 study says

In the workplace, why we work, what we work on, how we are rewarded and how we keep our skills fresh permeate employee views on what they want from the employement deal.

As I said above, I would focus on 3 areas:

  1. Physical environment;
  2. Technological environment;
  3. Cultural environment.

Probably the most challenging task is to create the ideal cultural environment since it is the only one that your employee FEELs.

Cultural environment – Employee experience

The culture available at your golf club determines:

  • how employees are treated,
  • how the service created & delivered,
  • how employees get their jobs done,
  • etc.

We should keep a good pulse on the conversations happening about our golf clubs.

This is why I think Players 1st could extend its services in this area and be even more useful for golf clubs and federations.

If you need any help in this field, then drop me an email: mikibreitner@gmail.com