Troon provides a meaningful experience with True Spec Golf

By: October 17, 2019

These days, I am reading Chip Heath’s and Dan Heath’s book The Power of Moments. The authors highlighted an interesting aspect that is really crucial in the current business environment.

Namely, how to avoid sameness and flatness moments and make moments that matter. They defined the defining moment as something that is memorable and meaningful at the same time.

How do we create more memorable & meaningful moments at our golf clubs?

The authors believe that we can provide defining moments for our guests and members if we utilize one of these four elements:

  1. Elevation
  2. Insight
  3. Pride
  4. Connection

They also add that defining moment possess at least one of the four elements above.

Why do I share all this with you?…You might ask…

Troon & True Spec Golf – strategic partnership

True Spec Golf logo

I am sharing these insights because the strategic partnership between Troon and True Spec Golf ( has 19 studios around the world) is in line with the above-mentioned theory.

If your golf club member or guest plays better after custom club fitting at your golf club he will feel elevation, but at the same time pride because of his achievement (e.g. lower HCP, better results, winning tournaments, etc.).

Such a happy guest will share his positive experience with his/her peers and give positive reviews and recommendations about you.

Something similar I found at the German Öschberghof (near Stuttgart) during my FAM trip in September. There you can customize (this is not equal to the regular club fitting) every part of our golf equipment within maximum 48 hours then we feel the difference.

Details of the True Spec Golf partnership

Through the partnership, Troon will collaborate with True Spec Golf to expand its Mobile Fit program and studios at Troon locations around the country.

True Spec Golf will offer Troon customers and members special rates and exclusive offers for club fitting and building services.

The partnership program will reach a qualified demographic of golfers through Troon’s custom-tailored marketing and communication channels:

  • digital marketing and custom content in Troon Magazine and Troon Privé e-magazine.