Why is PGA Golf Academy accreditation important for Carden Park?

By: January 23, 2020

It seems like Carden Park (UK) has got a busy new year. On 6th January they opened their new-built 4,500sq spa. It was a £10m investment.

The spa has indoor and outdoor facilities including two vitality pools, a thermal suite, a beauty lounge, and relaxation spaces.

But what matters to us now is the PGA accreditation of Carden Park.

Carden Park PGA Golf Academy

Carden Park has been already famous for its two golf courses, the Cheshire and the Nicklaus. The Nicklaus course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and his son Steve.

They are already using Trackman. In 2020 such service must be a default/basic service, just like fast WiFi.

What is new is the remodeled driving range bays, which now has 12 teaching bays, including a private studio for custom fitting and coaching.

They also completely refurbished the clubhouse including golf shop and changing rooms. I hope the new clubhouse is welcoming and comfortable for women too.

Carden Park & customer experience

I would like to clarify that to achieve exceptional customer experience, it is not enough such investments.

In 2020 employee experience will remain one of the top influences on customer experience. If we want to achieve engaged employees, we must invest in employee experience development.

The value is created by satisfied, loyal, and productive employees. Employee satisfaction is primarily from

  • high-quality support services and
  • policies that enable employees to deliver results to customers.

A Gallup study found the global employee engagement rate is at 13%!! In the UK it is around 6.7%. The EU average is 6.9%.

To achieve the full potential of an accredited PGA Golf Academy first we have to improve our employees’ experience.

This starts with the recognition of your employees’ unique needs, goals, and desires. Therefore, employee journey personalization is a must-have, just like in customer experience.