What is behind The Shire London’s social cohesion effort?

By: February 6, 2020

At first sight, the partnership between The Shire London and Brentford Football Club might sound just another business partnership.

The two clubs are really close to each other. Google Maps says there are only 18.7 miles between them.

What is this big fuss around this partnership?

Brentford Football Club Partnership with The Shire London

First, Brentford Football Club is preparing to move into their groundbreaking new stadium. This is a £71 million project:

  • 17 250 seats;
  • 910 new homes;
  • Campus activity days: 365
  • Less than 5 minutes from Kew Bridge Station

The Shire London – social cohesion & sustainability

Now I would not talk about the most obvious aspect of this cooperation (e.g. building awareness & interest for The Shire London).

Maybe I am the only one who thinks about this partnership is also a good social cohesion development effort and opportunity for The Shire London.

I go even further, this way The Shire London could make its golf club a real multifunctional facility where we can have not only celebrations (e.g. wedding, bar mitzvah, etc.) and conferences/meetings, but also to enjoy the nature for instance.

In short, to become a more integrated part of the local community and society.

The Shire London at sunset