Why golf club employees need both recognition & appreciation?

By: March 24, 2020

Yesterday, I have already highlighted the importance of golf club employees‘ appreciation. Now I would like to explain to you why both recognition and appreciation are important.

GM of the Year 2019, Tim Good GM Thornbury golf club employees

This idea came to my mind when I heard of Burhill Group‘s latest celebration of its best-performing venues and individuals at its annual group awards night, held at Hertfordshire venue Aldwickbury Park Golf Club.

Golf club employees: recognition & appreciation

My impression is that we use these words interchangeably, although they have totally different meanings.

Recognition is:

  • About giving positive feedback based on results or performance. It’s performance-based (=conditional). It is based on past events. These are two major limits of recognition. There is one more limit: scarce. Plus, not everybody can get it. This is painful…, especially in the current health situation!
  • London School of Economics study found financial incentives can actually backfire when it comes to motivating employees.

Appreciation is:

  • About acknowledging a person’s inherent value. It is about their worth as a colleague and a human being.
  • If you focus only on recognition, then you miss many opportunities to support and connect with your golf club employees.
  • Tell your golf club employees proactively what you value about them!
  • Check-in with the people you work with. Ask them about how they are doing and what they’re challenged by right now can show them that you care.

If you want to succeed and impress your golf club employees then cultivate both appreciation and recognition!

BGL Annual Awards – winners in 2020

Thornbury Golf Centre, in Bristol, enjoyed a particularly fruitful evening in the golf division awards, claiming a bevy of accolades including the prestigious General Manager of the Year award for Tim Good and Best Operating Profit Performance award, among a total of seven honors.

Lisa Almond from Mr. Mulligan’s Stevenage venue scooped General Manager of the Year for the company’s subsidiary Adventure Leisure division.

Best Net Promoter Score 2019, Theresa Plimmer GM Ramsdale Park golf club employees
Full list of Award Winners (Golf)
  • General Manager of the Year – Tim Good (Thornbury Golf Centre)
  • Operating Profit Performance – Thornbury Golf Centre
  • The sales team of the Year 2019 – Ramsdale Park Golf Centre 
  • Food & Beverage Sales Performance 2019 – Thornbury Golf Centre
  • Retail Sales Performance 2019 – Thornbury Golf Centre  
  • Sales Performance 2019 – Thornbury Golf Centre 
  • Food Hygiene Safety Standards 2019 – Wycombe Heights Golf Centre
  • Golf Course Standards 2019 – Abbey Hill Golf Centre
  • Best in Bloom 2019 – Aldwickbury Park Golf Club 
  • Food & Beverage Standards 2019 – Redbourn Golf Club
  • Retail Standards 2019 – Thornbury Golf Centre  
  • Sales Standards 2019 – Ramsdale Golf Centre
  • Financial Standards 2019 – Redbourn Golf Club   
  • Best Net Promoter Score 2019 – Ramsdale Park Golf Centre
  • Key Performance Driver 2019 – Thornbury Golf Centre
  • Outstanding Customer Experience 2019 – Shaun McFarlane (Ramsdale Park Golf Centre)
  • Pride of BGL Special Recognition – Mariusz Bujno (Burhill Golf Club)