How to easily increase your B2B tee time sales?

By: June 1, 2020

The coronavirus crisis taught golf clubs to bravely use various technology solutions to give a proper answer in the current business environment.

We can experience that these solutions (e.g. WhatsApp for internal & membership communication or even to give golf lessons or Zoom meetings and events, cloud-based irrigation systems, etc.) have been critical to continue the operation of the business.

Golfers and golf club employees around the globe realized that it is easy, quick, and comfortable for them. See my related articles about how golf clubs are handling the coronavirus crisis!

One area (at least) remains untouched, the digitalisation of B2B tee time sales.

B2B tee time sales growth

We must accept and understand that the golf travel business is also a technology business. Some of you might think the email and mobile-based (=calling companies) B2B tee time sales are still effective?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. By continuing in this archaic way, you are missing many opportunities to exceed your golf travel agencies’ and DMCs’ expectations and most of all sell more of or all of your available tee times.

These companies will not wait for you. They are expecting to get offers and solutions in REAL-TIME. This is part of their customer experience with you. You have to meet your B2B clients’ expectations:

  1. personalised offers & services & products communication,
  2. effortless actions & options and
  3. speedy service.

Do not forget that the unsold tee times are also part of your inventory.

One of the TOP3 travel technology trends in 2020 is the transition to platform and marketplace business models.

In short, you cannot turn back time and your golf resort or golf club cannot afford to neglect this new business phenomenon.

B2B tee time sales new sources

How to prepare your golf club business to the new reality?

Zest.Golf recognised the above-mentioned technology trend by creating a neutral platform solution that connects golf clubs and resorts with resellers to manage B2B tee time bookings in REAL TIME and across multiple destinations.

The neutrality means in this case that Zest.Golf is not competing with golf management software companies. Neither do they sell tee times to the public and are not competing with your resellers.

Another good capability that I’m yet to see  in this area of the golf industry is that you will be able to manage multiple channels in one dashboard.

Channels can have different forms, tour operators, golf societies or business groups, hotels, DMC’s, golf apps, websites, social media platforms etc. Golf clubs can then easily allocate generic or particular conditions to a single or a group of channels.

The golf club sets the conditions and prices. The parties can connect on Zest.Golf platform as easily as you connect with people on Facebook or Linkedin via a simple invitation process.

Zest Golf Channel Manager logo B2B tee time sales
3 great advantages of the Zest.Golf platform are
  1. You do not have to modify anything in your IT infrastructure nor learn to program.
  2. Zest.Golf has no upfront fees or monthly payments. They are a simple transaction, fee-based model. They make money when you make money.
  3. For IAGTO members there is a special offer.

If you have a question or would like to see the platform a bit more in detail, just ask for a demo from Zest.Golf!

This article is brought to you by Zest.Golf.