Toptracer Range Mobile technology is arriving in the UK

By: December 7, 2020

I am happy to see that another golf club understood the importance of rethinking and redesigning the driving range experience available in their golf club.

Toptracer Range Mobile technology in Essendon Country Club

One of the customer experience trends that I am expecting in 2021 is smartphones will have a more central role in golf club experience development and delivery.

Mobile apps will be key to business growth! Globally, we spent over 1.6 trillion hours on our phones in the first half of 2020.

Prioritize your golf club app strategy and ensure it’s a value-add channel for your guests and members!!!

Be transparent about how you use your guests’ & golf club members’ personal data!

The latest App Annie report found:

  • Couch commerce (or m-commerce) will dominate our shopping experience and engrain app habits;
  • Consumers will spend over $120 Billion on Mobile Games in 2021;
  • Mobile ad spend will reach $290 Billion in 2021;
  • Mobile data is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have!
At home Activities Toptracer Range Mobile

Toptracer Range Mobile – Essendon Country Club

The reason why I shared with you above those mobile marketing trends is Toptracer’s new solution the Toptracer Range Mobile (Topgolf Entertainment Group’s latest technological innovation).

It is engineered especially for uncovered driving ranges with grass turf or mats.

Toptracer Range Mobile is an entirely data-driven range system that uses sensors mounted around a facility. The mobile solution then optimizes practice sessions by sending shot traces and detailed analytics directly to guests’ mobile devices.

The Essendon Country Club will be the first golf club in the UK to implement the Toptracer Range Mobile technology.

Moreover, the driving range will be revamped to include direct parking access for up to 20 cars, with further plans in place to create a more social experience for all users.

I don’t want to spoil the celebration, but I have already used Inrange Golf‘s similar solution in London (Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving Range) in August.

What is sure that we must exploit mobile technology to exceed our guests’ and golf club members’ expectations + get into their lifestyle and everyday life too.