What do the Shot Scope data show for the March 29 opening?

By: April 2, 2021

We all can agree that the rush to golf courses in the UK on March 29 was not a big surprise. As we could see last summer, most golf clubs (not just) in the UK were expecting a similar phenomenon after the lockdown in 2021.

In this post I will

  • Share with you the findings of Shot Scope about the reopening of golf clubs in the UK;
  • Explain to you why it is smart and beneficial to use infographics in your golf club’s content marketing strategy.
Return-To-Golf-In-England-Shot Scope

Shot Scope‘s findings – March 29 – UK

To cut the story short, let’s see what Shot Scope found:

  • Shot Scope recorded more than 446,000 shots. This figure represents its largest amount of tracked shots on a single day in England.
  • 4,788 rounds played (England), eclipsing the previous daily record in the country by over 2,500, while a Shot Scope watch was used to track performance at over 75% of courses.
  • The majority of golfers in England were rusty after their time on the side-line, with the average score coming in at +21.71, compared to an average of +14.35 last year. This resulted in a score average +/- handicap of +5.23.
Shot Scope average score for the day
  • According to Shot Scope, only 30% of users managed to successfully find the first fairway, down 18% on the average, and a staggering 39% appeared to have suffered from a dreaded first tee slice to the right.
  • The driver was the club of the day from the first tee for many golfers on Monday (for those who played a par-4 or par-5), with an incredible 94% of players opting for the big stick.
  • Golfers lost over 40% more shots due to poor putting performance against the Shot Scope average for 2020, with strokes gained putting against a scratch golfer dropping from an average of -3.52 to -5.08.
  • The average score recorded on the back nine, for golfers that completed all 18 holes, dropped by 4.03 strokes, showing a marked improvement as they settled into the round.
Shot Scope number of rounds March 29

Infographics – content marketing – benefits & usage

If you’ve gotten this far in my article, it should be obvious why it’s useful to add infographics to your golf club’s content marketing strategy.

I will share with you in the following the key benefits of using infographics. First, we have to understand our brains prefer visual cues. We process visuals 60,000 times faster.

As content consumers, we are in a ‘content tsunami’ in recent years. Sometimes reading data and facts can be really boring. Right?

However, if you visualize those dry and boring data, it can take a new form and attract those who likely wouldn’t read it when presented in another format.

When you present data and stories in a visual way, stories can really come to life and will be seen more positively. Sometimes they can be more interesting and useful than classic press releases.

Shot Scope percentage of people hit the fairway
6 benefits of infographics
  1. Explain a complex issue easily (e.g. golf club’s sustainability efforts or a complex membership offer; product installation, etc.);
  2. Infographics are linkable – it helps you to create more inbound links to your website (see Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Infographics are shareable —> you will find bloggers, influencers who use only an infographic in a post. This will help your SEO efforts too.
  4. Help establish you as an expert. In our case Shot Scope as the expert of golf watches.
  5. Infographics can help increase brand awareness.
  6. Help you in lead generation: more companies are creating infographics for engagement and traffic, optimize and maximize it for lead generation. It receives 94% more clicks and 30x more reads!!! Key lead generating elements in an infographic: a clear call-to-action; social media sharing buttons; link to relevant content offer; share your embed code. A good sales-focused infographic tries to solve the burning problems of the customer.

Don’t forget 65% of people prefer emails with visuals. Emails with images (e.g. infographic) receive 42% higher CTR (click-through-rate).

Consider using the following formats of infographics:
  • Square infographics —> look great on Instagram. 🙂
  • Gifographics —–> animated visuals are more engaging!
  • Interactive —–> Just think about how popular are the calculators on banks’ websites. During my time at Citibank, it helped me to improve the conversion rate significantly and sell more loans and credit cards. This is just one example of an interactive infographic.
  • 3D illustration
  • Micro infographics.

As you can see infographics are really beneficial whether you want to build awareness for your product or for your golf club’s services or for sales purposes. So it was a good idea of Shot Scope to present their stats in infographics.

If you have any questions about how to implement this idea then please drop me an email (mikibreitner@gmail.com) or call me at +36 30 279 0054.

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