Why did La Cala Resort choose The Bucket Pros as its partner?

By: August 3, 2021

A year ago I wrote golf clubs and golf academies’ perspectives, it is time to rethink driving range experiences. However, it is not only about installing Toptracer Range, Trackman Range, or Inrange Golf, especially when your golf club/resort does not have the necessary conditions.

We still have to make the driving range area more attractive and pleasing to make it really profitable. I know that the majority of off-course participation in the US (12 million) still occurs at golf ranges. I assume it is true also in Europe.

La Cala Resort driving range The Bucket Pros partnership

This is what La Cala Resort is trying to do when it has signed a 5-year partnership with The Bucket Pros. The scope of cooperation with The Bucket Pros includes:

  1. business solutions,
  2. digitalization,
  3. machinery,
  4. consultation,
  5. management,
  6. profitability support & training.

The Bucket Pros are promising

The agreement will have a strong focus on new technology, digitalization, and modern design so that the resort can take full control of its facilities and drive revenue and profitability.

My Comments – The Bucket Pros

For the sake of success, The Bucket Pros should come up with solutions that appeal to La Cala Resort’s core guests and avid players, who go there to practice. I would love to ask Robert Mitchell (director of golf) and Edouard Des Fontaines (director of sales & marketing) if they have got ‘marketing personas’ about the resort’s guests.

A marketing/buyer persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer.

The marketing personas have got at least 9 benefits:
  1. Positions your products as relevant and worthy of consideration.
  2. Understanding your customers needs, goals, and expectations. If you know their problems, then it will be easier to cater them.
  3. Helps to speak to buyers and customers in their language.
  4. Gives a deeper understanding and models buying behaviors of  buyers and customers.
  5. Where do your customers spend the most time? (driving range vs practice area vs golf course + where do they collect information about golf holiday opportunities)
  6. Obtain quality leads. –> avoids wasting your precious time.
  7. Enable you to provide omnichannel experience. Golf clubs and resorts should not separate offline and online experiences. For our customers, it is all about convergence.
  8. Better & more relevant product & service development + offers.
  9. The customer service team can serve effectively your customers’ requests & complaints.

If you need any help developing your golf club’s marketing personas then feel free to contact me: mikibreitner@gmail.com / +36 30 279 0054