The future of golf club tournament management

By: January 5, 2022

When I shared my golf club marketing trend predictions for 2021 a year ago, I wrote 2 main thoughts to consider:

  1. The coronavirus crisis is giving another push to digitalize our golf club operations by utilizing the latest, relevant technologies. As a result of the current crisis, consumer behavior has already changed.
  2. We also must accept and understand that we cannot afford to offer mass experiences to our golf club/resort guest and members. Our customers are looking for unique and memorable experiences. We should look for technological solutions that can help us to achieve these business goals.

When I see golf clubs that are now embarking on digital transformation, they have been primarily for three motives:

  1. Offer innovative services (e.g. touchless payment),
  2. Reducing operating costs by using technologies,
  3. Modernize workforce and working methods to improve employee experience.
Golf Genius software with users tournament management

With technology becoming the core of so many services, golf clubs are under more pressure to run their operations and provide services to their guests in a more efficient way. Many new players come with assumptions surrounding technology and are quickly coming to expect golf to follow in the footsteps of technological advancements.

Like being able to pay by card – you wouldn’t expect to always have to pay with physical money, would you?

Neglecting mobile technologies and applications is simply not an option when it has become the normality for so many to go through day-to-day life via digital means – with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating this migration of physical needs onto our mobiles. We don’t have to wait long until smartphones become our primary interface with the world.

If so, why not use smartphones to ease and speed up your golf club’s tournament management?

It can be difficult for clubs to make this digital transformation, perhaps due to a previous lack of demand or because of perceived difficulties associated with making this change. However, there is increased demand for technology to exist within golf and many golfers look for the convenience that comes with a mobile app.

Golf Genius software tournament management clubhouse screen

Golf Genius – golf club tournament management

This is where Golf Genius Software comes in. By choosing this cloud-based golf tournament management software, you can make your system more flexible and accessible to users. It is a platform to help clubs and organizations keep up with the dynamic change in consumer behavior, and can help you navigate this new world of technological expectations.

Technology is moving forward in golf, with members now wanting more convenience during their experience. They also want fun and versatility. With multiple formats, leagues, and events, Golf Genius provides a technologically advanced way of experiencing golf in new capacities – whilst simplifying communication directly within the golf community via the app.

And don’t forget that golf is growing – and fast! Membership renewals, tee sheet bookings, and an increased sense of community are only a few of the exciting ways that the app can help you embrace the experience where advanced technology meets the tradition of golf.

Golf Genius Software Digital Scorecard tournament management

My conclusion – the golf industry must capitalize on mobile commerce as soon as possible!!

I will share some interesting data that App Annie State of Mobile 2021 found:

  • Daily time spent on mobile applications: 4.2 hours per user (=20% YoY growth);
  • Mobile ad spend is $240B (=26% YoY growth);
  • New app downloads: $218B (=7% YoY growth);
  • Americans spend 8% more on their mobiles than watching live TV (3.7 hours/day)!
  • Even Baby Boomers & Generation X spend more time on their mobiles: 30%.

This article is brought to you by Golf Genius Software.