How can Golf Genius help you to create the buzz?

By: May 15, 2022

Let me share with you a note from Craig Higgs, Managing Director of Golf Genius International. I recently had the pleasure of listening to renowned club management speaker Greg Patterson at the 59 Club Awards at The Belfry and he reminded me of some of the basics!

It reminded me, in particular, of that old saying – as we all work hard at the start of a [hopefully] bumper golfing season – “when you are up to your neck in alligators, you sometimes forget you are there to drain the pool!”.

Greg delivered good simple advice, as always excellently l delivered, and proved to be a great way to spend a morning listening, taking notes, and thinking about how we could do things better. Thanks, Greg – I look forward to the next time!

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Fun is where the money is!

To put it another way, making it personal is the key to a successful event. Creating the relationship and nurturing this throughout the process will help you see fantastic results with your members.

We must all “create the buzz” – but how can Golf Genius help you achieve this at your club? This is where Golf Genius comes into its own and for us, fun starts and finishes with the golf. We are fanatical about making golf More Fun – but how?

Personalization is at the core of what we do, helping you to create an event that is bespoke to you and your club Collecting data is an essential way for you to better understand your customers and members, and to provide a service that better meets their needs.

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The process of collecting data is often misjudged – certainly by members – and can deter many clubs from investing time into the task. However, it should be seen as a tool to further improve your relations with customers.

Get to know your customers, build their loyalty, and create an event that is tailored to them.

Whether it be a personal invitation by email, a pre-event text message, a personalized scorecard with shots already noted on specific holes, or an app for all member event requirements – Golf Genius has the solution.

We also understand all of the GDPR issues and ensure all data is safely and securely stored for only our club customers’ usage at all times.

Our goal is to create less work for you, and to help – with the data collected – to create a bigger buzz around events. The data collection process helps you to run an event that is more fun for members, with them feeling they are a valued part of the club.

Ultimately, we are here to help you build more revenue through member loyalty and club reputation.

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Here are some ways to make it fun and personal with Golf Genius

  • Communications – before [email, text message, club app], during [scorecards, scoring app. leaderboards] & after [results notifications, future events invitations]
  • Different formats – Ryder Cups, 6/6/6, Team Leagues, Shambles, Cha/Cha/Cha, and many more
  • Nine-hole leagues – including member ‘nine and dine’ or corporate options
  • Implement a personalized retail solution for members with Golf Genius Golf Shop
  • GolfHub – your electronic club event noticeboard for member information and registration all the way to the final results!

We make it as easy as possible to get the data from your members, store it safely, and then provide ways in which you can personalize your events.

Showing your members, you know what they want and are listening to their needs, creates a feeling of value and unity. Start building the club brand based on a great golfing experience!” – Greg Patterson (The Belfrey, 03/2022)

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What is new from us to help The Fun?

Recent launches include Golf Hub, a powerful new way to promote and market events available at no cost to existing Golf Genius customers. Golf Hub pages are customizable, allowing clubs to showcase their event sponsors by embedding their logo and linking directly to their website.

After an event is completed, the Golf Hub Page automatically shifts to display the tournament results and leaderboard.

Another feature of Golf Hub is the ability to automatically aggregate your event pages into your Club Hub, a single page that showcases the playing and learning opportunities at your facility.

Easily embedding into an existing website, Club Hub allows golfers to see all upcoming events. They can click on any individual event to visit the Golf Hub Page to see more information, register, and view tournament results

Golfhub can be your electronic Noticeboard – quickly and easily added to your current website!

Final words

As we approach a season where providing more fun and value for memberships is perhaps more important than ever with the prevailing economic outlook for members coming under more scrutiny, Golf Genius can help you get closer to your members and your customers.

We are always happy to share best practices for how our customers are making it more fun and creating events that their members are loving! For a free demo, or to get in contact with the team, please visit:

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