How can Players 1st help golf clubs to be able to deliver an omnichannel experience?

By: June 16, 2022

2,000+ clubs in 20 different countries trusting the Players 1st platform. In this interview, I asked Morten Bisgaard, the CEO & Co-founder of Players 1st among the others about

  • how has customer experience measurement developed in the last 10 years &
  • how Players 1st can help golf clubs to be able to deliver an omnichannel experience?
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How has customer experience measurement developed in golf clubs in the last 10 years?

It has moved up on the boards’ agenda from being nice to have to need to have. It is clear that understanding and monitoring your customers is vital in modern business management.

What will customer experience programs prioritize in 2022 & in the coming years?

We definitely see a theme around customer retention. Golf got a huge boost during the pandemic and now every club management needs to make sure that they keep the new and returning golfers hooked.

What do you expect from the cooperation with Golf Genius Software?

Golf Genius is the leader in tournament software and they have the goal of creating amazing experiences within golf so our goals are very much aligned. Golf Genius delivers the tool and we measure the effects.

Together we can learn and innovate new concepts to empower the event organizers to deliver exceptional events.

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How can Players 1st help golf clubs to be able to deliver an omnichannel experience?

Players 1st measure all valuable touch points of the customer journey and that includes every interaction you might have with your guests or members. In that way, managers are able to monitor and optimize channels to suit the needs of the customers.  

What can Players 1st customer gain by using your custom benchmarking feature?

Everything is relative and we try to deliver as precise as possible benchmark options for every golf club segment whether you are in the private club sector or public we have benchmark options at the national, regional, and international levels.

But sometimes clubs have identified specific colleagues in the business that they wish to benchmark against and the custom benchmark gives them that opportunity.

No individual club results will be revealed since a custom benchmark needs to include at least three other clubs.

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How do you help your clients to define a winning customer experience?

We empower the club management to make the right decisions based on the feedback from the customers.

With options to drill down in clubs’ own data as well as benchmark database. The club is able to discover any gaps between the services provided and the perceived quality and necessity of those.

We help the managers to optimize and prioritize their resources to where it gives the best return on investment from a customer point of view. And a happy customer equals good business.

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Is there any demand for employee experience measurement in golf clubs?

There is. Right now we see a huge task for club management to recruit and retain staff. And one of the main pillars in customer experience management is employee experience. The more engaged employees the happier customers.

This interview is brought to you by Players 1st.