Who will the North Berwick Golf Club’s Community Fund support in 2022?

By: September 8, 2022

Golf clubs should not operate in isolation from the local community and region. It harms the relationship between the golf club and the local community. Golf clubs simply cannot prosper without the support of the local communities.

Those who take sustainability seriously invest in building mutually beneficial relationships with their local communities. This should be part of your sustainable golf development too.

Consider these aspects:

  • Protect cultural heritage,
  • Undertake local engagement,
  • Promote ethically & environmentally led procurement,
  • Undertake local consultation,
  • Define the supply chain of products & materials,
  • Incorporate public access where appropriate,
  • Promote community integration and awareness,
  • Promote community open day(s),
  • Incorporate educational values,
  • Promote and improve community health and wellbeing.
Elaine McBride North Berwick Golf Club Launches Community Fund for 2022

It was important to say these things because I just found a very good example of a golf club – North Berwick Golf Club – supporting local causes and communities.

North Berwick Golf Club – Community Fund

It turned out that the members of the North Berwick Golf Club wanted to help local organizations, support the local economy, and put something back into the neighboring community.

As a result, the North Berwick Golf Club Community Fund was set up in 2016, with a commitment to assisting a number of organizations within the town through financial support.

Since its launch six years ago, more than £22,500 of funding has been distributed, with 38 applications received and 25 local organizations benefiting.

Over the last four years, the North Berwick Golf Club has supported a wide range of clubs, schools, activities, groups, and projects, including:

  • Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery,
  • North Berwick Stroke Club,
  • North Berwick Youth Project,
  • EL Yacht Club,
  • North Berwick Coastal Museum,
  • NBCC Christmas Lights Appeal,
  • The Law Primary School,
  • North Berwick Scout Group,
  • North Berwick PTA,
  • North Berwick Brownies,
  • North Berwick Community Council,
  • North Berwick in Bloom,
  • Dirleton Playgroup.
North Berwick Golf Club West Links golf course 13th hole

The North Berwick Golf Club‘s general manager Elaine McBride said

“Having the ability to improve the lives of others within the local community, is indeed a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation.

We believe that if we can in some way benefit local organizations it can help cement their future, helping the community. One of our overarching aims is to build a lasting legacy in the local area and we are very proud as a Club to make this fund available on an annual basis.”

The North Berwick Golf Club is now inviting applications for awards from its Community Fund. Organizations can apply for an award up to £1,000 and applicants must be based in the EH39 postcode area.

If you are interested in applying on behalf of your organization, please contact feedback@northberwickgolfclub.com for an application form.

North Berwick Golf Club West Links golf course 16th hole