Should golf clubs take advantage of the popularity of cloud gaming?

By: November 14, 2022

Yesterday I watched Phil Cotton’s (CEO, Nicklaus Companies, USA) presentation – on YouTube – at the APGS 2022 conference. It was a great presentation. It was so good that this lecture inspired me to write this keynote article.

Phil Cotton mentioned in his speech the growing popularity of cloud gaming and the gaming experience in general. I would like to discuss with you what it can bring to golf clubs.

Cloud gaming in golf clubs

What is already clearly visible, and this is also evident from Newzoo‘s 2022 Global Cloud Gaming Report that cloud gaming is a huge business.

They forecast 31.7 million paying users of cloud gaming services by the end of 2022, spending a combined $2.4 billion on cloud gaming services and games streamed via the cloud.

I go even further. If we wish to be relevant to Generation Z (born between 1981 and 1996) then we should consider utilizing the popularity of cloud gaming.

Deloitte Insights found that gaming is a top entertainment activity for this generation who view it as a means for socializing and self-expression.

GameSparks and VentureBeat estimate that the average age of gamers worldwide is now somewhere between 35 and 44.

cloud gaming -video-game-justin-thomas-teeing-off

Mobile gaming is also a huge trend, but I think it is much less relevant to the golf club business since it has got different technical requirements.

The cloud gaming experience is also worth paying attention to because you will be able to serve the entire family’s needs and expectations.

A good example is Foxhills Golf Club (UK) where I have already found a “Games Room” where kids can play even video with video gaming.

Another interesting initiative is Golf + Gaming Clubalso known as GGC. Their aim is to create a community that fosters friendships, collaboration, and innovation within the gaming industry.

Cloud gaming Golf 5 eClub


In my mind, cloud gaming is in the same category as Toptracer and its competitors. Both are great entertainment experiences and a new source of revenue (e.g. F&B, competitions, etc.) at the same time.

As Augment Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities are improving and the equipment is becoming more affordable we will have more access to 3D virtual spaces too.

Most recently DP World Tour has just partnered with the leading virtual reality golf game Golf 5 eClub to launch a new tournament in the metaverse that will coincide with the season-ending.

The ‘DP World Tour Championship Metaverse Challenge’ will be open to Golf5 eClub members and is available to play from 10-25 November.