How Toptracer Range has improved St Andrews Links’ driving range performance?

By: November 17, 2022

I told you in July that Toptracer is giving golfers across the globe a unique chance to take on The Old Course at St Andrews during Open week in the latest edition of its 9-Shot Challenge global tournament series.

Now I can share with you that St Andrews Links – within 2 months – has seen dramatic results at its range facility through the new installation of Toptracer Range.

This move which has led to higher usage from golfers of all ages thanks to the innovative, experiential offering now available at The Home of Golf.

As part of a long-term partnership between the world’s number 1 range technology and the world-famous St Andrews Links, Toptracer Range has completely transformed the practice facilities on-site.

Since August of this year, St Andrews’ practice facility has seen almost 1 million balls hit on Toptracer in over 10,000 sessions, fulfilling the high-priority goal of the partnership in reaching a broader audience at the venue, while providing more insights to support player improvement.

Toptracer Range St Andrews Links driving range_#18 hole_ball speed information

“There is no question that Toptracer is the dominant force in range technology. They literally invented the space and as a result reinvented the range experience.

It’s clear that through this wealth of experience, they’ve come to understand operator challenges, how to transform practice areas into experiential destinations and how to build a seamless platform that provides a valuable experience to all golfers.

He also added:

“This has led to a big change in how our range is being used. We’ve seen golfers stay in bays longer and newer golfers engaging further with the technology, whilst game modes like Toptracer30 have given more experienced visitors the chance to test themselves and work on their game.”

Toptracer Range St Andrews Links driving range_#18_notrace

What’s more, the partnership has seen the world’s most iconic golf course, the Old Course at St Andrews, become exclusively available to play virtually at Toptracer Range enabled golf courses around the world.

Ben Sharpe, President at Toptracer, commented on the landmark opportunity:

“We are delighted that the partnership between Toptracer and St Andrews Links has begun so successfully. 

Our aim is to encourage more people to play and help range owners improve their business, and it’s exciting to see The Home of Golf put their stamp of approval on Toptracer Range.

We’re delighted to hear about the improvements St Andrews Links have seen since install, and it’s yet another example of how Toptracer Range is transforming the driving range experience.

Toptracer Range – My conclusion

The cooperation between St Andrews Links and Toptracer Range is an excellent example of how digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth.

To remain competitive against other experiences this kind of transformation is essential.