Have Scottish golf clubs understood the benefits of Players 1st Member Experience Surveys?

By: March 29, 2023

Golf clubs must get in the footsteps of their guest and members to be able to deliver the desired golf club experience. The time when we developed services in our golf clubs based on intuition is over.

In the past, customer research was often done using mystery shoppers, but the data wasn’t quantifiable or accurate. 

Understanding the behavioral, attitudinal, and emotional side of customer experience is a golf club-wide mandate with shared responsibilities across the business to foster strong and lasting relationships with consumers.

Scottish Golf and Players 1st partnership

Golfers expect too hyper-personalized experiences more than ever, and big data analytics and surveys like Players 1st Member Experience Surveys can provide the insights to make this possible.

Good experiences are with a one-to-one ratio between what was received versus what was expected.

Unfortunately, we hear very little about with whom golf clubs interpret the collected customer data. It can be a great business opportunity for Players 1st to launch consultancy services for golf clubs.

Who will do the data mining for transaction insights? Does your team know the root cause improvement techniques?

If I were a golf club manager, I would not separate customer experience management from golf club management. These two things are going hand in hand. Thus, you should not separate them. Put the horse (customers) before the cart (running the business).

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Scottish Golf & Players 1st Partnership Continues in 2023

I thought I would share these with you in advance, before turning to the fact that Scottish Golf will continue to use the Players 1st Member Experience Survey service in 2023.

The renewal follows last year’s successful roll-out of the Players 1st Survey Fund, which will remain available for another year.

In 2022, the now-recured Players 1st support fund was part of a broader support package offered to affiliated clubs by Scottish Golf.

The free 12-month subscription to the Players 1st Member Experience Survey allows clubs to collate member feedback and access powerful analytics from a simple-to-use results dashboard by Players 1st.

With these insights, club managers can make data-driven decisions and influence development in the areas that are important to their members.

All clubs will have access to, and be part, of the growing national benchmark and receive focused and specific insights through the platform to bolster member retention in 2023 and beyond.

The Sand box Players 1st

Andrew Baptie, Head of Club Services & Governance at Scottish Golf says

“Since launching the inaugural Players 1st Survey Fund in 2022, we received extremely positive feedback from the clubs that used the platform, and the majority of these clubs were extremely keen to renew their access.

We hope this fund is considered by clubs across Scotland who are looking to engage with their members and use this data-led solution to provide even better experiences.”

Scottish Golf affiliated clubs can apply for the Players 1st Survey Fund via the link provided on the Scottish Golf website, with a closing date of 14th of April 2023.