How does The Manor House pro shop provide an ambient experience?

By: March 31, 2023

The omnichannel shopping behavior became the new normal and I am expecting it will continue to evolve into an ambient experience.

Experiences powered by augmented reality and virtual reality, along with shoppable videos, will become more prominent as consumers’ appetite for tech-enabled shopping experiences grows. This is not a sci-fi fiction of Asimov but a new reality.

Brand loyalty is transforming as customers choose companies and products that better align with their personal values and needs. Hence personalization will be crucial to impress customers.

Golf clubs that want better odds at retaining customers should innovate their offerings through partnerships and collaborations.

The Manor House pro shop adidas golf shoes

If The Manor House Golf Club or any other golf club and resort would like to keep their pro shops relevant, then McKinsey recommends these things:

  • Accelerate in-store omnichannel integration: people will not visit pro shops unless the pro shop owners give them a good reason to. Gain a deep and up-to-date understanding of golfers’ preferences!
  • Redefine the role of pro shops! Offer “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS) features and continuously improve the execution of these services.
  • Enable personalization of in-store touchpoints. If you have got offline and online customer data then you can personalize your customer interactions accordingly.
  • Retailers should digitize and automate in-store activities, where possible, to free up associates for higher-value work
  • Introduce contactless self-serve features for omnichannel transactions.

A good example of this is the collaboration between The Manor House Golf Club and Adidas.

The Manor House pro shop adidas merchandizing POS communication

The Manor House Golf Club & Adidas – pro shop enhancement

The Manor House Golf Club partnered with Adidas to complete a full renovation of its club shop. As part of the process of becoming a sustainable golf club turned to Adidas which has its own all-sustainable golf clothing range.

Here’s how the golf club revamped its pro shop:

  • Energy-efficient LED light boxes have been installed, as has a new shoe display and the introduction of additional storage for other products
  • The club has increased the size of its ladies’ golf clothing section and is now solely stocking adidas apparel and shoes to ensure product delivery emissions are also as low as possible.
  • Adidas also installed a bespoke adidas point of sale system to support the product commercially in order to aid the consumer journey.
The Manor House pro shop bamboo tees

Golf club manager, Andy Ryan, said:

“Our new shop renovation and layout has been designed to improve the experience of everyone who visits The Manor House Golf Club, and we are very happy to now be able to offer our female members and visitors a wider choice of product.”