Why did The Grove order a Club Car fleet with Bluetooth music speakers?

By: May 25, 2023

You may remember from 2017 when I reported on Greg Norman’s “Shark Experience” service for Club Car golf carts. Verizon provided the content (E.g. music, live sports, news, entertainment, golf tips by Greg Norman) in those days.

It seems that this service did not work, because it has not been heard from since. What I think is much more reasonable are the built-in Bluetooth-enabled speakers in Club Car golf carts.

I am highlighting this service because The Grove has become the first venue in the UK to offer golf cars with Bluetooth speakers after receiving a new Club Car fleet. The Grove was the first in the UK to add a Visage GPS navigation service.

The Grove Club Car Bluetooth music speakers

I really like statistics and numerical data. So let’s see how popular are the music streaming services in the UK. The CMA said the UK has 39 million monthly listeners to streaming services, who stream 138bn times a year.

Among the active users of music streaming services in the UK, Spotify is the market leader with cca. 50-60% market share (Source: CMA study, December 2021). Statista.com came to the very same conclusion.

It is good to offer technology solutions or digital services to golf club guests and members that they are already reasonably familiar with. This will give them a greater sense of control and self-confidence.

Brad Gould, Director of Golf at The Grove says

“The speakers are built in to the cars and let people inside the car enjoy music; if you’re a few feet away you can’t hear it, so there’s no impact on other golfers.”

The Grove Club Car Bluetooth music speakers Brad Gould

I advise you to….

To be able to exceed our customers’ expectations and bring guest experience to a very high level we first have to obtain a compelling understanding of the customer. Technology is only part of the whole story.

Make sure there is a real demand and expectation for a certain technology solution or service. For instance, ask your golf club guests do they use music streaming services….then ask which one.

Do not start with the technology and then back into customer understanding!!

Without compelling customer understanding, there are no compelling digital experiences. Start with these customer listening approaches such as

  • Voice of the customer (VoC),
  • Define customer personas,
  • Develop a customer journey map.

This way you will be able to make more customer-centric decisions. When have all these, then you can focus on how you are going to deliver that experience.

I must say it’s not a one-time exercise but a competency that requires sustained investment in order to be effective.

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